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correct mark  The work environment

correct mark  Framework conditions, Laws and Regulations

correct mark  Risk and risk-asessment

correct mark  How to establish EHS in the company, and what should be documented

correct mark  Ergonomics

correct mark  Final module





EHS course for employers are mandatory according to Working Environment Act section 3-5.The employer's obligation to undergo training in health, environment and safety work

1750 NOK ex. VAT


Duration is approx 4 hours. (Effective time) You control the progress - the course "remembers" where you left off and will start up at the same place when you log in again. You may not "jump" quickly through the course - you have to complete all modules and sequences in order to get your course certificate.



About the course

The course gives you basic knowledge of environment, health and safety in your company. You will be presented with examples and situations that relate to your role as responsible for EHS.

Questions amd quiz are presented along the way. These must be solved.
The course ends with an "exam" which includes questions from each course topic. Once you have completed the test, you will receive a printed course certificate. The certificate contains the participant´s name and the contents of the course.


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