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Safety Representative, e-learning


correct mark  Roles in the work environment

correct mark  Laws and regulations

correct mark  Safety representatives work in practice

correct mark  Sick leave work

correct mark  Workplace / Physical work environmentt

correct mark  Psychosocial work environment

correct mark  The senior safety representative/ Environment Committee

correct mark  Ergonomics





We offer you free follow-up for 12 months. This provides essential support and information regarding the course and your tasks. E-learning-courses from HMS Norge are used by a large number of companies, both in private and public sector.

A flexible, pedagogic and thorough e-learning-course aimed at English-spoken safety representatives in Norway.

The course provides the necessary knowledge that you need as a safety representative.

The price is 3500,- NOK ex. VAT. 


Duration is between 15 to 20 hours. (Effective time) You control the progress - the course "remembers" where you left off and will start up at the same place when you log in again. It is not possible to "jump" quickly through the course - you have to go through it from "A to Z".



Assignments, tests and examination

Along the way and in conjunction with each module you shall answer some questions. The course ends with an "exam" which includes questions from each course topic. Once you have completed the test, you will receive a printed certificate. The certificate contains the participant´s name and the contents of the course.

Is this an adequate course?

The course can be chosen if the employee and employer agree that this course is satisfactory according to Regulation on organization, management and participation § 3-19

Section 3-19. Duration of the training of safety representatives and members of working environment committees

The training shall be of at least 40 hours’ duration. Training for less than 40 hours may be agreed if the parties jointly find that it is justified based on an assessment of the nature and scope of the problems.

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